27 Oct

I have been working as a project manager and graphic designer for so long, that I have forgotten what life was before. What started out as an exciting journey of self discovery fulfilment, has started morphing into frustration and boredom over the last few years. The urge to do “something new” or “different” has become more persistent. Now that my daughter is away in college and I find I have a lot more free time, I am hoping I might rediscover myself, and actually be able to put a name to the “different”.

So, the first thing I did was to list down things I like doing. The result of my STEP 1 is this laundry list.

  • Reading – It can be fiction, mythology, history, non fiction, biographies …. and the list is endless. I have been told that once I start a good book, I might as well be dead to the world :-).
  • Travel – As a kid I remember telling my dad I would like to be in a position so that I can travel 11 months a year. Once a month I need to come back to “home”. Though this desire has by no means been realised, I rarely miss an opportunity to pack my bags. Unfortunately, it is not as often as I would like to do. Discovering new places, cultures, spending time just watching people …can keep me going for days.
  • Theatre and Movies – Love watching a good play or a movie. However, my patience with these are quite low, and I have been known to walk out of many films, considering the trash that is doled out to the audience these days.Actually a postmortem of a good play or movie amongst like minded people is sometimes more exciting than the event itself.
  • Arts – I love going for art shows, meeting artists, writers, photographers…basically people who are really creative. Creativity seems to bring out a different perspective to even the most ordinary day to day things.
I plan to use this forum as a brainstorming platform with myself. Who knows…I just might find as aspect of myself which was so far hidden.
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