A slumdog millionaire

03 Nov

Sushil Kumar is a simple hard working computer operator earning a meagre salary of R. 6000 pm. He might make some additional money by providing tutions to school kids, but his earnings are not enough to support his family and provide a roof over his head. Having an insatiable desire to learn, he has struggled through life to educate himself. His biggest passion in life is to read, which he does voraciously. A life long dream of sitting on the hot seat of KBC (India’s version of who wants to be a millionaire) seems to be the only answer to the persistent desire of improving his life.

When he actually gets the call for the contest, he is still living his dream. The boundary between dream and realty seem to have faded out completely and he flits between the two not knowing which one is real. Just sitting in front of the legendary game host Amitabh Bachchan is a is enough to put anyone into a trance. Sure enough Sushil Kumar, with his small and nervous built, fumbles over his answers, his speech and his thoughts. As he keeps moving from one level to the next, he keeps reminding himself “Maybe its still the fantasy. This cannot be really happening”

His years of reading and thirst for knowledge make him the historic winner of KBC- – The only contestant in so many years to get 5 crores!!! He is suddenly a millionaire! The young lad who could not afford his home, and barely made a living, is now living the dreams of a million other people just like him. Slumdog millionaire is no longer just the biggest blockbuster movie, but a reality. Fiction DOES come true! Emotions run riot, not only for those sitting in the game, but through all the audiences watching it.

This story shows us something really important. It is not about becoming a millionaire! It is more about having enough passion and courage to LIVE your dreams. It does not matter who you are, or how impossible it is to reach the castle in the sky, determination, hard work and a little bit of luck can change a person’s life forever….or till we set sights even higher to achieve something even more unachievable. Each victory is a celebration, and also a means to set our vision still higher towards a goal, which was earlier hidden.

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