Rockstar – An absolute star

24 Nov

RockstarWith a spate of bad movies getting released. (Read, double dhamaal etc etc) I had totally decided that I would not spend a Rs. 1000/- on another bad movie. I am going to read the reviews and only then go for one. As a result, I did not see Rockstar for almost 4 weeks after its release – Thanks to the negative reviews it has been getting.

I am so glad my daughter finally convinced me. She was absolutely on target when she said that A.R. Rahman has outdone himself. This is definitely his best work to date. It is amazing how versatile he is. The range of music in the film is unbeatable. The different moods are captured perfectly! Even with your eyes closed, you can feel the pulsing  tempo. I could actually feel the hair on my arms stand up during the song in the masjid. There is definitely no composer in the world like Rahman.

Rahman’s brilliant work is bought to life by Ranbir Kappor’s mind blowing performance. I don’t think there is anyone in the present generation of actors who can so convincingly play a lost boy look, an intense musician and a frustrated lover so perfectly, that too in the same movie. If he does not sweep away every single award, then what the media and public believe so strongly is surely true. All movie awards are rigged!!!

Imtiaz Ali has once again not failed to live up to his expectations. He gets more brilliant with every film. Putting together a film like this and executing it so beautifully requires immense talent AND guts. The visualization of the films is something which needs to be seen to be believed. It is ethereal and passionate. Only someone who has loved can make a film like this. Imtiaz Ali is not only the most delicious man in the hindi film industry but one of the most talented.

Three Cheers for Rockstar!!!

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