30 pieces of silver by Carolyn McCray

20 Jun

30 Pieces of Silver30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really love reading history and travel based fiction, so when I first heard about this book, I naturally grabbed it. I have been a huge fan of the Da Vinci series and this book promised to be more – and I must admit I was not disappointed.

The book is a surprise and gets you thinking of the possibilities. i am sure it must have shaken up a number of religious beliefs. While I realize the story is fictional, it does leave a lingering doubt in your mind, that makes you think all that you have learned about the bible might not be as it seems.

The story weaves brilliant historical facts, which leave you a bit confused and at the same time asking for more. Just when I thought I had understood something, I was lost again. I felt I was almost moving with Brandt and Rebecca in their adventures. The detailed and picturesque description of the different places and monuments almost made me book the next flight to see it for my self. This is truly a travelers delight.

I did feel that the action got too descriptive and long and some time unfocussed from the actual story, but then I guess that is my opinion and am sure many of my fellow readers might disagree with me on this one.

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