Pushkar – Much more than a place of worship

14 Sep

When my daughter suggested a trip to Rajasthan, we scoured the match for a place which not only had we not visited, but was fun as well. A religious journey was not really our agenda at all, though we did want to visit the acclaimed Ajmer Sharif.

We zeroed in on Pushkar for its sheer proximity to Jaipur and Ajmer Sharif. Someone had recommended a new spa resort which was on it’s outskirts, and a weekend getting ourselves pampered sounded just about right.

We had not really expected much from Pushkar apart from a relaxing weekend, and were pleasantly surprised. The weather was outstanding. After the oppressive heat of Bombay (even though it was the so called monsoons) the cool weather with a slight drizzle which greeted us in Pushkar was sheer bliss. The hotel was again beyond expectations. If anyone is looking at a visit, the Ananta Spa Resort is luxury personified… and a real value for money.

At the spa we got an education on the historical and religious anecdotes of the location. The stories were as varied as interesting, but it was enough to pique our interest to take a trip down to the “sarovar”

Pushkar Sarovar

The Sarovar at Pushkar, Rajasthan

The story goes as this: Lord Brahma did not have a place of worship in the world he helped create. As is known in Indian Mythology, Brahma is regarded as the creator of the universe. Therefore he dropped a lotus from heaven, and the pond – Sarovar flowed from the spot. People from all walks of life come here to take a dip, and pray for the souls of their ancestors.

Rows of sacred ghats front a mystically magnetic lake, where hundreds of milky-coloured temples and weather-touched domes sit beneath a shifting, pale grey sky.

Ghats around Lake Pushkar

Ghats around Lake Pushkar

What intrigued me about the picture I took of the ghats was not so much the almost symmetrical temples with columns upon columns of steps reaching down to the waters from all sides. What captivated was the bright yellow spattering of messages on all the temple walls which stood out in the otherwise monsoon ridden grey and misty aura.

With a weekend well spent, we have promised ourselves many more of these trips. We hope to taken in at least two new places each year. Lets keep our fingers crossed on that thought.

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