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Power and Politics

I just got back from a brilliant talk by Sudhir Kakar, Zareer Masani and Fatima Bhutto. What really got my attention was Fatima Bhutto’s candid confession “Politics didn’t tear my family. Power did. Power is more destructive than politics.”

In recent times, with the ongoing circus Indian politics have become…politics is referred to as a cesspool. Fatima’s words led me to rethink this belief. Is it POLITICS which is the cesspool, or the POWER which people in politics crave which is the cause of our downfall. Most youngsters most likely enter politics with the idealistic view of “changing the world”, “making the world a better place” or “doing something for my country”. This ideology gets distorted as one starts experiencing success, and start realizing that the by-product of this success is probably POWER. Awareness hits, that they have the ability and power to do anything they want, and thereby get away with anything they want.

But WHO gives them this power. It is not just the simple act of being in politics which is responsible for it. It is WE THE PEOPLE who are responsible for giving it to them. We appoint them to an office, and then give them duties, responsibilities and tools which enable them to perform their duties. Slowly our so called leaders use these tools to give them power, and the people who gave them the tools, forget about making them accountable for their duties…which was the primary objective.

Power and politics is not a phenomenon reserved for politics or government alone. It is there in every sphere of our lives. In our homes people who have the most responsibility, probably wield the most power. For business men or industrialist, making money beyond a point ceases to be the driving force. It is the POWER associated with an office, which becomes the intoxicant.

As humans is it truly possible for a person to detach the power from the office? Would love to hear what you think.

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What is economic growth?

I recently came across this article, which is actually a response to another post by economist¬†ALEX TABARROK, who is of the rather strong opinion “Most importantly, graduates in the arts, psychology and journalism are less likely to create the kinds of innovations that drive economic growth. Economic growth is not a magic totem to which all else must bow, but it is one of the main reasons we subsidize higher education.”

I must say that I strongly agree with the argument against this. If we look at the start of the industrial revolution, education, which gave birth to future doctors, engineers, and yes also economists, was becoming more and more popular. Money started becoming the path to eternal happiness.

As time went by and world economies grew, monetary wealth grew and people started getting “richer” realisation also struck – “Well ! am I really happy” Most people will tell you that they are happiest when amongst nature, or music or art or maybe spending family time.

While I agree with the theory, that if there is a drop in the number of doctors and engineers, it might stall innovation. But I also believe that an education in arts or creativity opens a your mind to many other areas and you would be able to think up of more innovative ideas, which might in a way help growth. I feel that all science and math colleges should have some subjects dedicated to the arts, which will help the future generations appreciate and view the world less clinically. This is proven by the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci is till today known and respected not only as an artist but also a man of science and math.

What is the point of economic growth statistics which is single dimensional. True growth can be achieved only when a person grows spiritually, mentally and monetarily. What is really needed is a balanced approach to learning, where people at least appreciate all areas which make up society today. While the musicians, painters and artists of our century cannot escape the fact that money is important to one’s growth, the scientists, economists, doctors etc also need to understand, that after they have made the huge salaries, it is the arts which help them relax and enjoy that money.¬†This can be an ongoing debate, and I would love to hear your opinion.

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I have been working as a project manager and graphic designer for so long, that I have forgotten what life was before. What started out as an exciting journey of self discovery fulfilment, has started morphing into frustration and boredom over the last few years. The urge to do “something new” or “different” has become more persistent. Now that my daughter is away in college and I find I have a lot more free time, I am hoping I might rediscover myself, and actually be able to put a name to the “different”.

So, the first thing I did was to list down things I like doing. The result of my STEP 1 is this laundry list.

  • Reading – It can be fiction, mythology, history, non fiction, biographies …. and the list is endless. I have been told that once I start a good book, I might as well be dead to the world :-).
  • Travel – As a kid I remember telling my dad I would like to be in a position so that I can travel 11 months a year. Once a month I need to come back to “home”. Though this desire has by no means been realised, I rarely miss an opportunity to pack my bags. Unfortunately, it is not as often as I would like to do. Discovering new places, cultures, spending time just watching people …can keep me going for days.
  • Theatre and Movies – Love watching a good play or a movie. However, my patience with these are quite low, and I have been known to walk out of many films, considering the trash that is doled out to the audience these days.Actually a postmortem of a good play or movie amongst like minded people is sometimes more exciting than the event itself.
  • Arts – I love going for art shows, meeting artists, writers, photographers…basically people who are really creative. Creativity seems to bring out a different perspective to even the most ordinary day to day things.
I plan to use this forum as a brainstorming platform with myself. Who knows…I just might find as aspect of myself which was so far hidden.
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